All that you wanted to know about Roulette!


Roulette has been providing plenty of excitement, mystery and glamour to the offline and online casino industry since the times as far back as 17th century. Roulette along with slots is counted amongst some of the oldest casino games still enjoyed by great multitude of casino lovers throughout the world. In fact, visit any online casino of the present times and you’ll be presented with a huge variety of both roulette and slot games. Before delving further into roulette, please note, if you really love slot machines and wish to learn more about the best ones you can play on, along with their comparisons, bonuses and jackpots, is a highly useful resource you can refer to. The game of roulette has become immensely popular in casino circles world-over, including the popular portals like Bet365, owing to its relatively easy-to-understand and simple rules. Although it seems pretty easy to play, roulette has something to offer to even to the serious bettors who’re looking for some depth in their gambling endeavours. Let’s take you through the basics of this amazingly thrilling game and tell you how to play it.


Understand the basic roulette equipment

Roulette is the French term for ‘little wheel,’ that comprises of 36 numbers in total, apart from a 0. Some of the roulette tables used in the gambling-permitted states of the US have a ‘00’ apart from ‘0.’ The off-line/online casino in-charge of the roulette table is referred to as croupier. He/she spins a tiny white ball that eventually lands on one of the many numbers on the table. Bettors place bets on different possibilities of the ball landing on the table. These possibilities may vary from many different numbers to few other options as follows:
– Red
– Black
– Odd
– Even
– 1 to 18
– 19 to 36
– First 12
– Second 12 and
– Third 12

Know about the various inside bets

As evident from the above explanation, you need to predict the exact number or type of the pocket in which the spun ivory ball would land. In order to make that happen, you can make a wide range of bets. Inside bets is the term given to the bets that are placed on the specific numbers. These bets have higher paying odds compared to other possibilities. You’re allowed to:
– Bet on Straight up, in which you bet on any one number and get paid at 35 to 1 odds.
– Indulge in Split betting, in which you bet on any two numbers and get paid at 17 to 1 odds.
– Place Street bets, in which you bet on any three numbers and get paid at 11 to 1 odds.
– You can even bet on three different numbers with just one chip, by placing it at the end of any street (name given to a row of 3 different numbers).
– Place corner bets in which you bet on four different numbers and get paid at 8 to 1 odds.
– Indulge in six line betting on 6 different numbers and get paid at 5 to 1 odds.
– Bet even on the possibility of the chip falling on the edge of two adjoining streets.
– Apart from the above bet variants, there’s a five number bet covering 1, 2, 3, 0 and 00 in the American roulette system, which pays at 6 to 1 odds. Then there’s also the 0 row bet that covers the 00 and 0 numbers, paying at 17 to 1 odds.

Know about the different outside bets

Outside bets don’t normally involve any numbers and are normally placed on the outside area of the roulette table’s number map. These bets can be:
– Low or high bets paying 1 to 1.
– Bets on column or 12 numbers paying 2 to 1.
– Colour bets (on black or red) paying 1 to 1.
– Odd or even bets paying 1 to 1.
– Dozen bets, for example 1st 12, 2nd 12 etc., paying 2 to 1

Understand your odds

Any game that you play in an off-line or an online casino, including the roulette tables, the house always holds an edge. For instance, all bets placed on both American and French roulette wheels get paid at odds that’d only be true if and only if the 36 numbers were right on the wheel. People use all sorts of theories to improve their odds, however there’s no guarantee of them working. Nevertheless, there are certain variants that can change things slightly in your favour. For example:
– Some of the French roulette tables employ certain rules that generally scale the odds in players’ favour. For instance, the ‘En Prison’ or ‘La Partage’ rules are applicable to outside bets such as low or high, red or black and even or odds. They apply in the event that the ball lands inside the 0 slot of the table. How they’re similar to each other is that the players don’t lose their bets completely. In En Prison rule, if a player loses his/her bet, his/her chips stay on the same outside bet for the next spin. On the other hand, in La Partage rule, he/she loses half the bet and can play normally with the remaining half in the next spin.
– In case of American tables (in permissible US states), the 00 slot hikes up the casino’s odds even more (all outside bets are lost if the ball lands in 0 or 00 slots). While in case of a regular roulette table (with a single 0), the casino holds a 2.7% advantage, in case of double 0 (00 in American roulette tables), the casino’s advantage increases to 5.26%.


Start by finding a table

Every roulette table will have a placard mentioning the maximum and minimum bets applicable to the table. This is applicable to both offline casinos and online ones like Bet365. For instance, the table may read like ‘Roulette. £ 10 minimum inside bets and £ 10 minimum outside bets; £ 500 maximum outside bets and £ 100 maximum inside bets.’ The table maximums are normally lower in case of inside bets due to the high payoff amounts.
Every roulette table also has a board highlighting the numbers that the ball had previously landed on. Although it may be tempting to pay heed to this statistic, and feel that the odds of those numbers repeating themselves may be incredibly low, that’s not exactly how things work. Every spin on the roulette table has an equal number of odds for every number on the table. It’s the same roulette wheel and the same ball being spun every time.

Pay close attention to the happenings

To tell you the truth, there can be no specific strategy when it comes to winning at roulette, no matter where you’re playing, whether in Monaco or online at Bet365. Every number on the table has the same odds of popping up in every single spin. Although, you can sometimes benefit from observing the dealers’ habits. The dealer may or may not release the roulette ball at the same velocity and angle in every spin of a specific session. In case s/he does, the same numbers may possibly get passed after every spin, increasing the chances of the ball ending up repeatedly in the same area of the table.
A wheel may even go offkilter, but regardless of where you’re playing, the establishment may be pretty efficient at spotting such instances. There is actually no way you can tell if the roulette wheel is off balance, unless you’ve been monitoring thousands of spins consistently.

Hand out your chips to the croupier

The person you hand out your chips to is called a croupier in France and Europe. Please note, you don’t normally play with the regular casino chips at the roulette tables.


If you’re allowed to do so, how would you determine which chips belong to whom after all the bets are placed?! Every bettor is assigned a specific colour in order to be able to distinguish his/her chips from the others. Even the husbands and wives are encouraged to opt for separate colours.
The chips can be bought in different denominations and the croupier will ask you about the denomination you want to assign to your chips when you hand it to him/her. So, if you’re playing at a £ 10 minimum table, you could assign £ 100 or even £ 2 to them. Once you’ve decided the amount and allocations, the croupier would place your chip on top of the reel, marking the exact value on the top, to indicate the total value of your coloured chips.
Please keep in mind that roulette chips don’t hold any value apart from the value you place on them at the roulette wheel. You need to hand over all your remaining chips to the croupier, requesting a cash out when you’re done playing at the table. The croupier would normally hand over the regular casino chips to you in return.


Understand the rounds

Once the dealer or croupier has cleared the roulette table and has paid out all the winners, he/she begins the play for the next round. He’ll take a small pause before doing that and give everyone the time needed for deciding their bets. This pause happens at all casinos, including the online ones like Bet365 (on a side note, if you’re seeking important info related to various bonuses offered by Bet365, take a quick look at). Thereafter, he/she would throw the ball on the wheel and let it spin. Then, he/she would announce “no more bets!” right after the ball has dropped from the track and on to the wheel.
As soon as the ball has settled, the croupier would place the marker on the winning chips or the winning number. The losing bets are cleared from the table first, and then the winners are paid. This process is repeated over and over again after every round.

Placing the bets

The first six of the roulette bets are placed on pockets numbered from 0 to 36 on the roulette table. In case you wish to bet on any column, you’d need to place your bets on an empty pocket under the three different columns. Hence, if you wish to place a bet on the dozen, you must select the pocket P12 for the numbers 1 to 12. On the other hand, you must select M12 if you wish to bet on the 12 middle numbers, that is, 13 to 24. Your selection should be D12 if you want to bet on the last 12, that is, 25 to 36.
In the end, if you wish to place bets on the outside, make use of low, high, odd, even, black or red pockets. Many players prefer observing the others first, in the hope that the latter know something better that they don’t. Some prefer doing exactly the opposite of all their opponents. Regardless of the off-line or online casino you’re playing at, you need to try out all different possibilities for improving your odds, than merely depending on the coincidences.