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Offline and Online Roulette

Regardless of the advances made in the online roulette industry, certain differences still exist between the off-line and online version. Some of them are as follows:

The location difference
Online casinos don’t normally have any physical establishment where you can visit and see the spins happening for real. Anyone having an Internet connection can access an online casino, just by click of a mouse button.
On the other hand, when it comes to brick and mortar off-line casinos, they’re usually situated in another country, state or city, as they’re lawfully allowed to operate in those jurisdictions. For instance, Monte Carlo in Europe, Las Vegas in US etc.

The difference in ambience
There’s nothing doubting the fact that actual casinos provide the visiting players with amazing ambience. These casinos are buzzing with activity and you can hear loud noises coming from everywhere! There’s a general sense of excitement and thrill when you play roulette in a real brick and mortar casino!
However, online casinos may or may not have such distractions. These are best for players who like focusing on their games and get easily distracted by people around them.

Anyone staying in UK, Monte Carlo, Las Vegas or any other city/state/country having lawfully running casinos can visit them frequently and play their favourite roulette game legally without any trouble.
However, if you stay far and away from these places, visiting them for enjoyment purposes may prove to be a highly exhausting and costly affair. This is where online casinos come into the picture. You can visit an online casino from anywhere just by click of a mouse button, and play roulette at any time of day/night.

In a brick and mortar casino, you’re free to monitor every spin closely in order to make sure that there’s no hanky-panky going on. The same is applicable live roulette games as you actually get to see the roulette wheel spinning. It’s kind of reassuring in a major way.
However, when you’re playing roulette online, all you get to see is the graphical representation of the roulette wheel. All you have in terms of assurance is the software that is governed by something known as RNG or Random Number Generator. All reputable and popular online casinos get their RNGs thoroughly tested by independent auditors, in order to maintain their authenticity and fair play.

Variety of games
When you visit an online casino like Bet365, you get to enjoy several different variations of Roulette. However, visiting a brick and mortar casino may limit your roulette game options to the type available in that particular casino.

Ease of betting
It’s extremely easy to place roulette bets of any kind while playing it online. You get to see detailed info related to the betting options and table limits quite clearly on your screen. In addition, there’s no hurry in placing your next bet before the next spin when you’re playing a software-based roulette. It all depends on when you want to get the next spin rolling. It won’t until you’ve placed your bets.
It’s quite different in case of a brick and mortar casino, with many people lined up to play the game. Furthermore, the croupier won’t wait specifically for you to place your bets, and go ahead with the next spin.