All that you wanted to know about Roulette!


Important Roulette Rules

Playing roulette isn’t very difficult, however, winning at it on a consistent basis is another matter altogether. Roulette rules are pretty simple – all you need to do is guess the winning number where the ball would land after a spin. You’re free to bet on different combinations too, or even predict whether it’ll end up in an odd or even spot.

There two types of roulette wheels that are used – the American wheel and the European wheel. While the latter has 37 slots in it, the former features 38 slots. The difference lies in an extra ‘00’ slot in the American version. Moreover, European wheel normally has a house edge of 2.63%, which increases to 5.26% in case of American wheel.

As Roulette originated from France, the majority of roulette rules were set by the French. The roulette wheel layout that you can see in all major off-line and online casinos these days is the same layout that was in place hundreds of years ago back in the 18th century too. It comprises of two different betting areas – an inside area and an outside area.

The inside area features single numbers on the roulette wheel, while the outside area comprises of different column boxes, coloured in black and red, grouped together in even or odd combinations. As per the conventional roulette rules, players are allowed to bet on numbers in the inside area, and various number groups in the outside area. The numbers of the roulette wheel are arranged into 3 vertical columns and 12 rows with three numbers each.

A roulette player must pay for chips at every roulette table separately. Every player is handed a unique colour assigned to him, for avoiding any dispute. Please note that the chips bought at a certain table cannot be used at any table. As an integral part of the various rules of roulette, every player must cash out his/her chips before moving on to another casino area or table.

Furthermore, every table features its own permissible maximum and minimum bets. You’re not allowed to combine the outside and inside areas in the betting system. For instance, if the minimum bet at a particular roulette table is set at £ 5, the player can’t be allowed to make a £ 2.5 bet on the outside betting area and £ 2.5 on the inside. You’ll need to bet a minimum of £ 5 on each one of the betting areas.

In addition, when placing the inside bets, you’re allowed to place several bets, the two prominent ones of which are the split bets and straight up. The latter is most commonly used in instances where you’d like to bet on just a single number. Split bet, as is evident from its name, implies betting on two different numbers. Although split betting significantly increases the possibility of getting the winning numbers, the winnings are reduced by half.

You can also bet on even, odd, black, red, high or low in the outside bets. This can be done by simply placing the chips in the relevant boxes in the outside betting area. Bets can even be placed on 12 consecutive numbers like the first 12, the second 12 and the last 12.